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Vocabulary List 4



Extrinsic coming from outside
Shrewd intelligent /clever
Cryptic hidden /secret
Wayward rebellious
Paucity shortage /lack
Intimidate to scare
Fretful irritate
Asset total resources
Culpable blame worthy
Repress put down /subdue /crush
Peruse read attentively
Confession a statement admitting a person guilty
Cognizant awareness /range of observation
Criticize to find fault
Castigate criticize severely
Outrageous shocking
Grief stricken miserable /suffering
Bulwark a defensive wall
Interloper an intruder
Controversial debatable
Impresario organizer
Astute keen
Endure undergo /sustain
Incisive penetrating /sharply expressive
Glaring reflecting a strong light